Envia entered in a strong partnership with the Methodist church in Nicoya began in June 2010. We started our journey with church in Nicoya, Guanacaste in Costa Rica during a time when the church was struggling to carry out the mission that God had placed before them. Though this church may have lacked in resources, it never abounded in love for Christ and people. 

Together we discerned and decided to engage a small community in Nicoya called San Martin. An estimated 8,000+ people live here. This is an area that has been neglected for more than 15 years for a number of reasons. Many of the people in San Martin experience a variety of needs: hunger, extreme poverty, lack of clean running water, unemployment, substance abuse, domestic violence, lack of education, lack of faith in Christ, etc. 

Quirimán de Nicoya, Guanacaste

Due to our relationship with the church in Nicoya, we were introduced to a Methodist church in town of Quirimán de Nicoya (30 minutes away from downtown Nicoya). 

Quiriman is located in the region of Nicoya, up in the mountains. It is a small and simple community that depends primarily on various types of agriculture. It believed that 150 families make up the town of Quiriman. Given its proximity to Nicoya, many who don't work the land try to secure a job in Nicoya.